3D Illustrate AI Image Prompts For Republic Day

We are currently in the AI era and must familiarize ourselves with it. Numerous changes are constantly occurring in this era, such as creating 3D Illustration AI Images, which is currently viral. Many Instagram users are eager to learn how to make these images. One can effortlessly generate any image or content by writing a prompt for any AI platform. Our simple, effective prompts can easily guide you to create 3D AI images.

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How to Create 3D Illustration AI Images?

To create 3D AI images, you need some AI platforms such as Mid-Journey, Chat GPt, etc. However, in this case, we are using Bing’s Designer AI platform, a well-known platform developed by Microsoft that is becoming increasingly popular daily. So, let’s dive into the Bing Designer AI tool and get started.

Step 1: First, open your Microsoft Edge browser (you must have a Microsoft account. It is free, and you can create it easily)

Step 2: Log in with your Microsoft account and click the link below. It will redirect you to the Microsoft Designer AI tool platform.

(Copilot (microsoft.com))

Step 3: Now click on the Designer tab 

Step 4: Enter your prompt

Step 5: Click Submit

Step 6: After taking a little more time, it will generate 4 AI images using your prompt

Step 7: Now you choose any image download

You have learned how to create viral AI 3D illustration images successfully. We have also provided some prompts along with example pictures below. Please check and use these ready-made AI prompts. You can also edit or change the prompts as per your preference.

3D Illustration AI Images Prompts For 26 Republic Day

A realistic 20-year-old cute boy wearing a tricolour shirt named “BDTIPS24” holds the national flag of India. “Happy Republic Day” will be written on the poster above the roadside with balloons, a chandelier, holographic pictures, and high-quality, detailed photos. Add an India map with a flag colour on the right side of the image.

This is a 3D image of an 18-year-old girl standing in a garden. She is wearing India’s national flag-coloured T-shirt with ” POOJA” written in 3D. She holds small flags in both hands. The garden is decorated with flag-coloured balloons flying behind the Moon.

Create a 3D illustration of an animated character of a cute boy and a cute girl celebrating Republic Day in India Gate, Delhi. The characters must wear modern Indian clothes with the Name “BHARATH” written on the shirt, a flag in his hand, a blue sky, and a dove flying.

Realistic: A cute 25-year-old boy wearing a Bharat shirt named “BDTIPS24” is holding the national flag of Bharat. “Happy Republic Day” will be written on the poster above the roadside. With balloons, chandelier, holographic pictures, quality detail photo

Create a 3D illustration of a 26-year-old boy saluting the national flag of India. He is wearing a shirt whose print is like the Bharat flag and written “BDTIPS24” along with the number 26 and Republic Day on its back.

A realistic Indian couple, aged 24, is walking on the road with India’s national flag in hand. They are in Republic Day costumes: the boy is wearing a white kurta pyjama, and the girl is wearing a salwar kameez. Their clothes have their names printed on them. The ‘boys’ clothes are written “SITA” and the ‘girls’ clothes are written “RAM. ”

A 25-year-old realistic boy wearing a tricolour shirt with the words “BDTIPS24” written on it. He is holding India’s national flag. “Happy Republic Day” will be noted on the poster above the roadside, with balloons, a chandelier, a holographic picture, and a high-quality detail photo.

This post has provided prompts for Microsoft’s Designer AI tool. These prompts can help you generate AI images to celebrate Indian Republic Day. If you found this helpful and would like to support us, please share this article with your WhatsApp contacts.

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