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BRTA Driving License Check Online Bangladesh – Streamline your driving license application with the BRTA online platform. Accessible and efficient, this service simplifies obtaining and verifying driving licenses in Bangladesh. Stay updated on your license status effortlessly.

An e-driving, or online, driving license system has been created to make driving license service easier. You can start your driver’s license online at home through this system.
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7/ Online driving license conditions

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Online driving license application rules. Application


Bangladesh’s online driving license registration and application system has been developed to facilitate the users.
The driving license registration and application process can now be done online, which has to be done by following the following steps:
Your documents (e.g., birth registration certificate and national identity card) are needed to complete the driving license application. Following
What are the steps for you to get an online driving license in Bangladesh? There is a step-by-step process:
First Step: Complete the Application
1. Go to the official website of Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) (Generally,
2. Create an account with your mobile number, email, ID, and log in.
3. Fill out the application form: After logging into your account, fill out the form where you have to provide the required information, including personal information and required documents for your driving license.
4. Submit: After completing and uploading the application form, you must take specific steps to submit your application.
5. Payment of Fees: After submitting your application, you must pay the fees required to obtain a driving license. You can pay the fee online, which includes a payment gateway on the official website of Bangladesh Road Transport Authority.
Step III: Obtaining a License
6. Obtaining a License: You can check your driving license status online after paying the fee. If your application is accepted, you must take specific steps to obtain a driver’s license online.
7. Delivery: Once your application is complete, you will receive your driving license by post.
It is important to note that any steps or guidelines above may change, and it is essential to follow your remaining status. Also, it is always important to keep track of new updates and status on the official website of Bangladesh Road Transport Authority.

How to pay driving license fee – driving license check online in Bangladesh.

The steps required to pay the driver’s license fee online in Bangladesh are detailed below step by step:
1. Login to the official website. First, visit the official website of the Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) ( Login to the account with your registration number, mobile number, and password to login to the site.
2. Fill out the Application Form: After logging in, click the “Driving License Application” or ” Combined Application F” form. There, you will find all the necessary information for your driving license.
3. Pay the fee: After completing the application form, you must obtain the required driving local driver’s license. G, Generally, Payment Gateway or other online payment gateway options are offered to pay the fees. On to pay the fees the payment is completed, your application and fee payment information will be updated.
4. Verify Payment: Upon completion of payment, you may be required to provide a receipt or transaction ID to verify your payment. This information may be used to verify your application as directed in interviews and driving tests.
Once these steps are completed, your driver’s license application submission will be complete, and you will be on your way to obtaining your driver’s license. It’s important to note that you’ll usually need to save a transaction ID to verify the payment for later reference.

Benefits of Online Driving License Application

Online driving license application comes with some benefits along with the process:
1. Easy and straightforward: Applying for a driver’s license online is simple and straightforward. You can fill in all the required information online, including your personal information and documents, which saves time and effort.
2. Time and labour are reduced: The added benefit of online application is that you can complete your driving license application process online, which means you don’t need to visit the office.
3. Q&A Session: If you are unfamiliar with the online driving license application process or face any problems, you can ask your questions and get help by visiting the Q&A session on the online platform.
4. Complete Tracking: On the online platform, you can complete a tracking of your application process survey, including your application status and preparation.
5. Maximum efficiency: The online application process maintains maximum efficiency, which helps avoid problems related to incorrect information. These benefits can be crucial to a driver, such as adding time and effort and reducing inconvenience.

Where can I get a driving license?

To obtain a driving license in Bangladesh, you must visit a Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) driving test centre in your residential district/upazila. There, you will have to take a driving test, and if you pass the test successfully, you can get a driving license. To learn about these ambitious test centres, you can visit the BRTA office of your residential district/upazila or check the official website of the BRTA office. Many different centres or sub-centres can help you perform your driving test. Before obtaining your driving licence, it is recommended that you have beyond doubt the following skills and knowledge: – For the driving test, you should be able to drive the car correctly, such as reversing, parking correctly, reversing, operating in the correct seat position, etc. – Must have good knowledge of road traffic rules and good literacy. – The test may require passing a health test, which may be specially observed for older age groups. After completing the above process, you can get your driver’s license.

Conditions for Online Driving License – driving license bd

There are some primary conditions for online driving license applications in Bangladesh that you need to follow. These conditions are as follows:
1. Age limit: You must be at least 18 to obtain a driving license.
2. Driving License Category: Your driving license category must be correct to obtain a driving license.
You need to obtain a license for the category of vehicle you wish to drive.
3. Personal Information- Gov BD driving license: The online application form requires correct personal information such as name, address, passport-size photograph, mobile number, email, and other necessary details.
4. Valid Credentials: You must provide the required details of valid credentials, such as a national identity card (NID) and passport.
5. Assistance with obtaining a driver’s license: If you have already received a driver’s license, you can get assistance following the process.
6. Health test: To take the driving test, you may need to pass a health test. The health test is an essential qualification that allows you to be recommended for driving. 7. Obtain a driving test: You may be required to obtain a driving test, which requires you to drive correctly and be able to obey all traffic rules.
Follow these conditions to start the online driving license application process. After completing the application, you must take the driving test, and after passing the test, you can get your driving license.

Rules for Online Driving License Checking – driving license check bd

To check driving license information online in Bangladesh, you can follow the following steps:
1. Visit the official website: First, visit the Bangladesh Road Transport Authority’s (BRTA) official website (
2. Check the online service menu – online driving license check in bd: Go to the website, look for the “online service” or “online driving license check” menu, and click on that.
3. car simulator – Enter Driving License Number: Go to the service page and enter your driver’s license number.
4. Enter Security Code: Enter the security code for authorization, which is usually the same as the fresh captcha image.
5. Check Information: Your driving license information and status will be displayed after entering the correct information. After entering the correct driving license number, you can check your license status, validity, category, and other information. You can check driving license information online in Bangladesh by following the steps mentioned by

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