Bikash Cash Out Charge 2024: Your Complete Guide

In today’s post, I tried to write about the BKash Cash Out Charge 2024 and the BKash transaction limit.

Bikash Cash Out Charge 2024: Your Complete Guide – Learn about Bikash’s latest cash-out charges 2024. Understand the fees and regulations for withdrawing funds from your Bikash account. Stay informed to manage your transactions effectively.

Bikash is a mobile banking service of Brak Bank Bangladesh Limited. If you are a BKash customer or are interested in becoming one, you must know about the BKash Cash Out Hazare Charge 2024 (Bikash Send Money Charge 2024) and BKash Limit.

Bikash Cash in Charge: Cash in charge is not applicable in Bikash. Bikash does not cut any free cash in on Bikash.

How much is Bikash Cash Out Charge 2024 4

How much is Bikash Cash Out Charge 2023?
How much is Bkash cash-out charge 2024 – Bkash cash-out charge

Money can be withdrawn from Bikash in three ways viz .

• Bikash ATM (ATM) Cash Out Charge
• Bikash App Cash Out Charge
• *247# Bikash Cash Out 

Cash-out charges from the development agent 18.50 Tk
Cash-out charges from ATMs 17.50 Tk
Cash Out Charge on Bikash Priyo Agent Number 14.90 Tk

How much is Bikash Cash Out Charge from ATM 2024 4

Bikash Mobile Backing will deduct a charge of Tk 14.90 per thousand if the money is withdrawn from the ATM. You can withdraw from ATM from Tk 2000 to Tk 25000 through ATM cash out. So those who have a nearby Bikash-authorized ATM can enjoy the benefit of cashing out from the ATM at a reduced rate of Tk 2.50 to 3.50 per thousand.

• You can enjoy withdrawing money from an ATM daily, from a minimum of Tk 2000 to a maximum of Tk 25000, through Cash Out.

• You can cash out from the ATM a maximum of five times a day, between Tk 2000 and Tk 25000.

• A maximum of 20 times per month, a total of Tk 1,50,000 can be withdrawn through ATM cash out.

How much is Bikash Cash Out Charge 2024 by dialling *247#?

How much is Bikash Cash Out Charge 2023?

A bikash cash-out charge is Tk 18.50 per thousand.

If you cash out from Bikash by dialling the USSD Code, i.e., the *247# code, then Bikash will deduct Cash out free at Tk 18.50 per thousand. Also, if you withdraw money from Bkash Agent by dialling USSD Code, know how much money you can withdraw –

• You can withdraw money daily from a minimum of 50 taka to 25000 taka through Cash out from the agent.

• You can cash out a maximum of 5 times daily, which should be between 50 and 2500 taka.

• You can cash out Tk 1,50,000 from the agent 20 times per month.

Bikash App Cash Out Charges

How much is Bikash Cash Out Charge 2021? BKash Cash Out Charge 2021
How much is Bkash cash-out charge 2024 – Bkash cash-out charge

If you cash out with the Bikash app, you will get a free Tk 17.50 per thousand deduction. If you withdraw money from the agent through the Bkash app, you can cash out at Rs 1 per thousand. Know how much money you can remove if you cash out money from an agent through the Bkash App –

USSD Code limit is applicable when cashing out with the Bkash app.

Bikash Send Money Charges & Limits

To send money from Bikash up to 25000 thousand, we will deduct 5 rupees per send. And in case of sending money of more than 25000 rupees, the charge will be deducted for every 10 rupees sent. But Bikash has been allowed to add five favourite numbers in 2022. You can send up to 25000 without charge if you add these numbers. You can send money from 0.1 to 25000 taka 50 times a day from Bikash. And you can send money up to 2,00000 taka 100 times a month.

Bikash Mobile Recharge Charges and Limits

Mobile recharge from Bikash mobile backing service is free. Bikash announces a cashback offer for mobile recharge from time to time. You can recharge from 10 taka to 1000 taka per day. 10000 mobile can be recharged 50 times daily. You can recharge up to Tk 1,0000 1500 times monthly on any SIM from Bikash.

Vikas Cash Out Charge Offer

Bikash cash out charge is Tk 14.90 per thousand
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From now on, Bikash’s cash-out charge is 14.90 taka per thousand. After hearing this, you may wonder how you can cash out at 14.90 taka.

You must add a favourite agent number to Cash out at Rs 14.90 from Bikash. Add the agent number you regularly cash out from Bikash Edget as your Favorite Edget Number.

You set your favourite agent number from the cash-out option of the Bkash app. You can also dial *247# to select your favourite agent number. And cash out up to Tk 25,000 per month at Tk 14.90 per thousand.

Read this post by Bkash to learn how to set your favourite agent number.

Bikash sent a money charge offer

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Bikash has announced new send-money charges. Bikash customers can send money up to 25,000 rupees per month to their five favourite numbers without any charge and send money up to 25,000 rupees to numbers other than their favourite numbers at a charge of 5 rupees per transaction and 10 rupees per transaction for sending money more than 25,000 rupees. The charges will apply.

Besides, always send money to any number of 100 taka or below for free.

Questions and answers

Question: How much is the charge for sending 1000 rupees to Bikash?

Answer: The charge for sending Rs 1000 to Bikash is Rs 18.50.

Question: How much is the bKash Merchant account cash-out charge?

Answer: Bikash merchant account cash-out charge is Tk 17.50.

Q: What is Cash out?

Answer: Bikash, Rocket, Cash, Way, and Sure Cash refer to withdrawing money from the account.

Question: What is sending money?

Answer: This refers to sending money from your Bikash, Rocket, Cash, Way, Sure Cash, etc. account to another personal Bikash, Rocket, Cash, Way, Sure Cash, etc. account.

Question: What is Cash in?

Answer: Refers to depositing money from any agent into your Bkash, Rocket, Cash, Way, Sure Cash, etc. account from any agent.

I hope I have informed you about all the BKASH charges, especially BKASHBKASH cash-out charges in thousands of dollars in 2024. I also hope you are all well by God’s grace. Greetings to all at the end of this post today: Assalamu Alaikum.

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