How to Close A Bkash Account Correct rules

This post is for you if you want to know about Bkash account closure rules. In today’s post, I have tried to write about the rules for deleting the Bkash account.

Learn how to close a bKash account with step-by-step instructions. Understand the necessary steps, including account verification and balance withdrawal. Follow a simple process to deactivate your bKash account securely and efficiently.

Bikash is the most popular and well-known mobile banking service in Bangladesh. In my country, 70% of mobile banking transactions are done through Bikash. In another post, we discussed the rules for changing ownership of the Bikash account. However, I only worked on closing the development account in today’s post.
Many customers want to delete their Bkash accounts for various reasons. I have written this post today for those who wish to delete their Bkash account but cannot.

Why is it necessary to close the Bikash account?

You may open a Bikash account with someone else’s NID card in your SIM. Now that you have received your NID card, you want to delete the account from your SIM and open a new account.
Besides, many people want to close their previous Bikash account and open a new one for different reasons. So, if you are thinking of deleting your Bikash account, there is no reason to worry; in today’s post, I have tried to explain how to delete Bikash.

Know the rule to delete a Bikash account or the rule to close a Bikash account –

You cannot delete development by calling customer care or using mobile apps. To close the Bkash account, you must visit the Bkash office directly and provide the necessary documents.
After going to the Bikash office, tell the customer manager why you want to delete your account and submit your NID card documents.
If someone else’s BKash account is opened in your SIM with someone else’s NID card, that person needs to be taken to the BKash office, and his documents are required there.

Know the documents required to delete the Bikash account —

The NID card with which the BKash account was opened in your SIM should be taken to the BKash office; the card may be yours or someone else’s. And if you have opened a Bikash account using the NID card of a family member such as a father, mother, brother, or sister. Then one of those members should take it to the development office.
Before deleting your Bikash, you must close your Bikash account balance to zero because once you close the account with the money, it is not possible to withdraw the money.
Then, you will need a passport-size colour photograph and NID card to open a Bikash account again on that SIM.
Also, to solve any problem related to your Bkash account, call the Bkash helpline number 16247 to get detailed information on all issues.
Today’s post, if you have any opinion about the rules for deleting a Bikash account, you can write in the comments, and I will try to answer. Also, you can directly message me on my Facebook page for any urgent need.

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